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Teddy Bear Hospital-Belgrade is a free child-friendly hospital run by students from University of Belgrade, School of Medicine.

Children are invited to bring their teddy bears (or any stuffed toy for that matter) to be “fixed up” with the help of Teddy Doctors (medical students).

At Teddy Bear Hospital-Belgrade children can play with all sorts of medical equipment. After performing the check-up, Teddy Doctors will help them fix whatever it is that they have found wrong with their Teddy. They can use soft bandages, plasters, give injections (without the needles of course!), and much more…

There are also many health educational activities for kids to do. This includes learning about healthy food choices, parts of the human body, and what it is like to visit the doctor.
The goal of Teddy Bear Hospital-Belgrade is to decrease children’s anxiety or fear around visiting the doctor and hospitals through interactive play!


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